A famous line from Marc Brown says: "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." A true testament of how important being a brother and what a sibling should be. There are moments of misunderstanding, but it just makes the relationship strong as years go by. As many would always say, the family will stay beside you no matter what.

A twin namely Michael and Lucas had to suffer one of the most complicated struggles. Michael is married to Melissa. When Lucas had to live with the couple, his generous twin brother permitted him, though his wife has not agreed. Lucas remained to be lax and unproductive. He was even involved in illegal transactions. But the mortal sin, he did is to take advantage of his twin brother's wife and impregnated her.

This video might contain scenes which are not suitable for kids:

In every relationship, it is normal to have struggles. They serve as tests on how strong we could stay and endure the consequence. However, we are created with limitations. Reaching the boiling point is also normal in being a human. We cannot judge anyone. :)

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