Along with the heating up campaign rallies, presidential bets are also busy making sure that their running mates will also win. This is very much seen on Duterte-Cayetano tandem. There is actually a TVC campaign that Duterte is blunt in telling the public not to vote for him if they will not elect Cayetano as well. However, this was not the same scenario in a campaign rally attended by the two.

A supporter of Mayor Duterte was about to offer a prayer for him, when the man holding the mike frankly told Cayetano (who was on the same stage) that they support Bongbong Marcos for vice president. Senator Cayetano's response was not heard on the microphone, but it was seen that he's embarrassed.

Watch the video here:

We all have the right to choose who to elect. However, our right to express our bets should have a limitation. There are some instances that keeping our preferences in ourselves is best, for us not to offend others. What can you say? Share them in the comment box. :)

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