Three whistleblowers have volunteered to come out in the press conference held in the senate.

In a press conference held in the Senate sometime after lunch, the witness talked to the press about what he knew about the alleged electoral fraud in the province of Quezon.

The witness admitted there were five of them who bear witness to the alleged electoral cheating but only three managed to make it to the press conference.

The witnesses first approached Pastor Boy Saycon of COPA to confess to their crime.

The witness revealed that they were the IT experts responsible for the massive electoral fraud in the province of Quezon under the command of the Liberal Party.

The witness who did most of the talking to the reporters claimed a high-ranking government official from Liberal Party had ordered them to manipulate the results of the votes.

The witness (logistic supervisor) described to the reporters how they carried out the cheating by intercepting the transmission of the votes from the precincts to the municipal level. From there, Smartmatic employees carried out the transmission to the servers.

Watch the video below:

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