People of this generation tends to become more aggressive when it comes to having interc*urse with someone. There are times that doing 'it' in public makes them even more wild thinking of the fact that someone might caught them add thrills to their pleasure. 

Others do it in cars, elevators, dressing rooms and parking lot, but this Italian couple wanted to be adventurous and do it in the Sea.

The lovers were in the beach in Porto San Giorgio, Italy. They decided to make love while they are in the middle of the sea. 

Two Lovers Got Stuck Together After M@king Love In The Sea, What The Doctors Did Was Unbelievable!

But it ended up in a horrifying scene as the man could not remove himself from his partner. 

The couple couldn’t get out of the water so they stayed there until a woman passed and gave them a towel to cover their bodies so they could walk to the shore. They called a doctor to the scene but he couldn’t separate them so they were rushed to a nearby hospital.

The people had to call the doctors after what happened because they could not be separated.
Source: WereBlog

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