Got Talent is a show wherein unknown people with brilliant talents are given chances to claim their moment in the limelight. It has been franchised by many broadcasting networks in different countries around the globe. One of the shows that originated from it is Britain's Got Talent. It started airing last June 2007 and has been successful since.

One of the most viral videos online now is a performance from Jamie Raven. He brilliantly displayed a magic act using bills and playing cards. The judges, specifically Simon Cowell, were open-mouthed and astonished because of what they saw. Cowell even said it was not just a trick, but real magic.

Watch Raven's performance here:

This is a great chance for everyone to let the whole world know what you've got. If you're able to be on that stage, seize, enjoy and take your moment. :)

Sources: YouTube / TNP


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