Love is truly a vague topic to discuss. Often times we asked why we love a person and we think of the best metaphor to sound romantic. Some sets standards of their "ideal" girl or boy based on appearance, wealth, social status and other measurable things. Others wouldn't take a risk to try searching because of an unfortunate past. But, should there really be specific reasons to love?

In a video we saw online, it is very surprising (for many) that a straight guy chose to marry a transgender woman over his longtime girlfriend (biologically a girl). Who did it happen? You should watch it and see for yourself.

As mentioned above, love is vague. We all have different points of view toward this topic. It goes to show that love is not measurable, hence, the reason should not be based on measurable things. If we base it on specific things, what if that specific reason suddenly changes or fades, does it mean should also fade away? Who are we to judge two persons, loving each other? Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)

Source: YouTube


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