Ever since you were born, you have been changing your underwear as a part of your daily routine. 

This habit is one of the practices of having a good personal hygiene.

So what happens if you're too lazy that you forget to do what you've always done?
You get diseases, ones which could be fatal to your health.

When your underwear is not changed for a long time, bacteria will multiply, especially in that wet and warm area, which will eventually lead to irritation.

Below are things that could happen to you if you keep wearing dirty underwear:

* Irritation - this happens after the bacteria, which formed in the fabric of the underwear, transfers to your skin.

* Rashes or Sores - very uncomfortable and when this is not treated or checked-up immediately, it won't be gone for a very long time.

* Foul odor - this is the smell which comes from your private part that tells you something is not right down there and it should immediately be taken care of.

* Infection - leaving the underwear dirty for a very long time could cause bacterial buildup which could lead to a yeast infection or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).


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