A 10-year-old girl has sought the assistance of the Mabolo police after she was allegedly raped twice by a neighbor.

Angie (not her real name) said her assailant molested her on March 14 and May 8. It took her some time to inform her parents about the incidents for fear that she may be killed by the suspect.

“Gihadlok man ko niya. (I was threatened by the suspect),” the girl said. Their identities are withheld to protect the girl’s privacy.

Last Saturday, May 28, the suspect chased the victim while she was outside her residence, forcing the girl to inform her aunt and parents about it.

Accompanied by her father and aunt, Angie reported the matter to the Mabolo police. Police operatives are looking for the suspect’s whereabouts.

“Hustisya ra ang mag-igo ana niya. Ganahan mi mopatay og tawo pero duna may hustisya. (Let justice take its course. We want to kill him but we have to abide by the justice system),” said the girl’s aunt

Source: Inquirer

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