Vice president-elect Leni Robredo may not get a Cabinet position under the new administration but she will likely become one of the Liberal Party’s highest officers.
President Benigno Aquino III told media on Friday that the Liberal Party is expected to change leadership now that the elections have ended.
“And normally it gravitates around the most senior public officials. So I would not want to admit it but I would be considered as an elder of the party,” he said jokingly.
Mr. Aquino, who is expected to continue his work in the LP, said he and other active members “would like to continue what has been done these past six years.”
He said Robredo was also expected to take on a high-profile role in the party.
“She is aware she will take one of the most senior positions,” Mr. Aquino said. “That will be decided by the party as a whole.”

Source: Inquirer.net

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