Some personnel of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) plans for a mass resignation under the administration of President Rodrigo Rodrigo because of the incoming president’s pronouncement to abolish BIR, the government’s main tax collector and considered by Pres. Duterte as one of the most corrupt government agency in the country. BIR personnel already plans to welcome the newly-elected president with mass resignation.
The planned mass resignation of BIR officials and personnel will start on July 1, 2016, the very first day of Mayor Rody Duterte’s six-year term as head of the Republic of the Philippines. The officials of BIR also noted that they were offended by Mayor Rody Duterte’s statement referring the bureau as being one of the most corrupt agencies in government.
A ranking BIR official said she will take the lead in resigning because she believes Duterte’s accusations against the bureau is “below the belt” and uncalled for without having concrete proof to substantiate his allegations.
During previous interviews with the media, the of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares, admitted that she was hurt by Mayor Rody Duterte’s tirades. Commissioner Henares was quoted as saying “I am hurting for my subordinates because I worked with them for six years and now their hard work is not being recognized,” Henares said. Mayor Duterte released a statement that he plans to abolish the BIR due to rampant corruptions.
Deputy commissioner Lilia Guillermo, one of the three deputies of BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, is now w contemplating on filing for an early retirement as a sign of protest. She also promised to to lead a plan mass resignation at BIR even though she has been working at BIR for more than three decades.

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