Previous Commission on Human Rights (CHR) seat, Loretta Ann Rosales wrote in a public statement to banished Communist Party of the Philippines pioneer Jose Maria Sison that there are 75,730 reasons why the late despot, Ferdinand Marcos doesn't merit a legend's entombment.

Sison told correspondents in a question and answer session by means of Skype that, "Marcos, despite the fact that he was a fake trooper for quite a while, was a genuine fighter amid the Bataan (attack). So he might be covered there (Libingan ng mga Bayani)". As a survivor of the military law misuse herself, Rosales portrayed that it would be the "stature of incongruity".

Saying that the Philippine Government conceding Marcos a legend's entombment is humorous when the law itself recognized the penance of Filipinos martyred amid the fascism. Making Marcos' picture as a legend by covering him at the Libingan ng mga Bayani would be "a disloyalty of the Filipino individuals' recorded battle against military principle and restraint".

Addressing columnists that "It smacks to a greater degree an offer out, a cop-out, and to what closes? Who is to advantage by this course of action that is currently being investigated by a couple of people at the highest point of the stepping stool?".
Source: Inquirer

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