The second of the two suspects of the the so-called‘colorum’ van rape case was killed this Friday, June 17, after he allegedly tried to grab a gun from his arresting officers. The suspect was identified as Alfie “Buddy” Turado, who denied his involvement in alternately raping the two lady passengers. According to Quezon City Police District-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU) Chief Insp. Rodel Marcelo, Turado was spotted in Barangay Obrero, Quezon City shortly before 2am this Friday. The suspect was then arrested and brought to the police station. He was even interviewed by reporters before he was killed by the police.

Turado categorically denied raping the victims. The suspect added that Wilfredo Lorenzo, the first suspect who was arrested this Monday, is the mastermind of the crime, and that he only posed as the driver of the colorum UV Express van. Turado noted that Lorenzo even pointed a gun at him for not immediately removing the sign board.
Earlier reports said that the two unnamed victims, 22 and 27 years old, boarded the
the van, which had an SM Fairview sign, in front of the Centris Mall along EDSA at around 10 p.m. last Friday, along with a male officemate who got off near Batasan Hills. Shortly, the suspects reportedly declared hold-up and later raped both victims.

This Wednesday, the victims positively identified Lorenzo as one of the suspects. Authorities said they found a sachet of shabu inside the van, and that he was tested positive in illegal drugs. He was brought to Camp Caringal, where the families of the victims attacked them. The victims urged President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to immediately implement death penalty against the suspects.

Meanwhile, Chief Insp. Marcelo said that Turado was handcuffed at his back but the suspect requested them transfer it in front of him which the authorities agreed. He suggested that Turado is hooked in drugs and became violent when police arrested him, noting that the suspect appears to be desperate and is ready to kill and die.

After learning the news, netizens were happy with the result as the authorities described the case as closed. As of posting, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has no comment on this case. The group is known for protecting the rights of victims as well as the suspects, whom they said as innocent unless proven guilty by the court.


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