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He will refile the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act when the 17th Congress opens in July, said by Isabela Cong. Rodolfo Albano III.
Albano said Colombia's recent legalization of medical marijuana inspired him to prioritize House Bill 4477, which seeks to allow and regulate the medical use of cannabis.

The bill also prescribes the formation of a regulatory body under the DOH (Department of Health).

The bill does not support the recreational use of marijuana, nor decriminalize its use; identification cards will be issued to qualified patients who have debilitating conditions.

Albano said modern studies have shown medical marijuana as an effective treatment for chronic pain, nausea, and symptoms of cancer, multiple sclerosis, and HIV/AIDS.

The congressman originally filed the HB4477 in May 2014 but it was not approved in the 16th Congress.

Presidential-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he supports the use of medical marijuana.

Source: CNN Philippines

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