We as a whole know the late news of Duterte's announcements that created numerous reactions amid his press briefings. In spite of the fact that it is what Duterte's tendency is, there are some who needs him to act presidential.

For example, Senator-choose Leila De Lima, who guaranteed to be his visualizer, needs him to act like a president. Including that him understanding that being presidential is for his purpose as well as for the general population too.

She said that "the late explanations of the President-choose on the congregation, media killings, lewd behavior, and the UN (United Nations), with coordinating shocking conduct amid his press cons, are all vintage Duterte". Furthermore incorporated that:

"President-choose Duterte must not be so narrow minded to all reactions as to neglect to perceive the indiscretion of assaulting ladies, the catholic church, the media, and now the worldwide group of countries under the UN."


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