Like in reviving death penalty, President-elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte is also firm in pushing through the birth control law and in introducing the three-child policy in the Philippines. It is to address the increasing population in the country that has become as one of the major problems every new administration try to resolve.

There was even an incident that Duterte visited one of Davao City's slums where he chided Julie Sumaliday, a jeepney barker, for having 11 children. "Nagalit ako kasi may nangangak doon 10 na ang anak, sabi ko ibalik ko talaga ang family planning. It will do us good. Ako naman I said, I'm a Christian but I'm a realist. We have to do something about our overpopulation."
He even joked about cutting off Sumaliday's male organ to emphasize his seriousness for promoting birth control. Sumaliday told his unfortunate story that one of their sons died because of meningitis at 14 while one of their daughters died two months after birth. He a 41-year-old father who hardly earns more than P500 a day whereas his wife in unemployed.

His 22-year-old son even works at a construction site to help for their need. Because of their situation, they are already lucky to receive free electricity from the government. Sumaliday also commented that if he only knew about the birth control implant they wouldn't have so much children. "Kung meron lang ito nung mga panahon na iyon, hindi dumami ang anak namin. Eh nalaman namin ngayon na marami na kaming anak."

Sumaliday, whose youngest is 4, stated that his wife would continue getting birth control implant to avoid getting pregnant again.


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