A Facebook post of certain Jandj Edrinal made rounds in social media depictingpriests as the reason of downfall of great men.

The post was captioned as:

And now whose the dictator???

Most of our great leader had fallen because of this hypocrites church officials !!! Church played the role as antagonist since Rizal's time from ➡️Ferdinand Marcos and now➡️ upto the incoming administration !!! And they will try out there very best to destroy Duterte's will!!!!! 

Unfortunately there are 16 million people who shared the same vision as the president elect Duterte has. That is willing to die and to protect him!!!!!!!!!against evil plan!!!!!

Here are some of the notable reactions of netizens regarding the viral post.

Jerry: no! nothing is nothing!! bayarang pari!! katoliko rin aq!!

Gilda: Not again over my dead body... Only DUTERTE can give us clean andgood governance ..Filipinos are sick and tired of corrupt government officials don't let the church ruin the progress of real changes support DUTERTE all the way to become wonderful Philippines to live in

Don-Don: Face Book soldiers won't allow the evil priest and pork barrel bishops to steal the good change in our country. No way... they can never do that to Duterte.

Ace: Well of course they need to control people, after all they rely on people's money and they don't pay any taxes.

AnecitaNever again... things are transparent now... nakita mo sa UK... choice ofthe citizen na kumalas sa eu... so walang magawa and leader

Jhey: hindi na kelangan kung kelangan ibasura ang paging RC gagawin ko... dahil nagihing basura na namamahala sa mga simbahang dalanginan...

Calvin: Hindi na mang mang ang mga katoliko ngayun.. Noong araw naloloko nyo mga ninuno namin pero ngayun di nanmangyayare yan 

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