Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday warned the Abu Sayyaf Group to surrender and release all hostages or they will face consequences in their actions. “To the Abu Sayyaf, there will be a day of reckoning. Surrender unconditionally and release all prisoners, hostages or we fight,” Duterte said. Lately, the Abu Sayyaf bandits beheaded the two Canadian John Ridsdel and Robert Hall after their imposing deadline of ransom.

There were still two remaining hostages, Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad and Filipina Maritess Flor. They were abducted on a resort in Samal Island last September 2015. Together with the two canadian beheaded. President-elect said he has still 6 years to addressed the problem of Abu Sayyaf. He asked the people to spare him more time to solve the terrorism. “I have six years to do it. God made me president, then I pray God will help me.” Duterte said. Duterte recently met the MILF and MNLF leaders. He said if he will not get their assurance then if nothing happens, he will put a war against them. “I have to secure the commitment from our Muslim brothers on the continuity of the talks, hayaan na muna yan,” he said. “And we confront them, we confront them, tapusin na talaga natin para wala na (we’ll really end this),” he added. Duterte has a message to all Filipinos:

I dream one day that all Filipinos will just say Filipinos and no one will say that he belongs to the left or right, a Muslim rebel or a Moro terrorist so we can live in peace.” 


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