Veteran broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez is suspended for one (1) year by ABS-CBN’s program TV Patron and DZMM according to an article posted by Bandera News, after getting the collective ire of the people when she criticized Anderson Cooper’s reporting on super typhoon Yolanda.
Korina Anderson
According to Bandera news reporter Alex Brosas, there were rumors that with what she did to the CNN reporter she was suspended for one or two weeks, so that’s the main reason why she is no longer seen on prime time news program TV Patrol.
Bandera reported that a much bigger sanction was given to Korina Sanchez, according to rumors, she is suspended for one year from her radio and news program.
Some netizens reacted that a one year suspension for Korina Sanchez is “too much” for what she has done. Korina Sanchez’ camp continues to deny the suspension issue clarifying that Korina Sanchez was just enjoying her vacation right now.
Based upon the latest statement made by Korina Sanchez on DZMM during an interview, she already planned her vacation long before the super typhoon incident happened in central Visayas provinces.
Watch Korina’s explanation of Suspension Rumors:

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