Rodrigo Duterte wants a frugal inaugural affair at the Malacañang Palace when he takes his oath as president on June 30, with only 150 guests who will be served light snacks.
Duterte told reporters in a late night news conference Monday that his guests would include retired generals and diplomats.
Five-minute inaugural speech He said finger food would be served before he takes his oath because “there will be no eating after” that. Duterte said it will be a quick ceremony which will be followed by a five-minute speech on national television to spell out his administration's plans and policies. He said he wants a simple inauguration and refuses to hold it at the Quirino Grandstand where several presidents have taken their oaths of office. Seven presidents have been inaugurated at the Quirino Grandstand: Elpidio Quirino (1949), Ramon Magsaysay (1953), Carlos P. Garcia (1957), Diosdado Macapagal (1961), Ferdinand Marcos (1965, 1969, 1981), Fidel Ramos (1992), and President Benigno S. Aquino III (2010).

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