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Alleged Cebu drug personality Alvaro Direcho Alvaro, alias “Barok,” presented himself to the National Bureau of Investigation for fear of his life. He surrendered after the suspected drug kingpin of Cebu was killed in a purported shootout with lawmen. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
TAGBILARAN CITY, Philippines — A top drug personality in Central Visayas surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Bohol on Tuesday because he feared for his and his family’s safety.
Alvaro Direcho Alvaro, alias “Barok,” was accompanied by his wife and his mother when he gave himself up to NBI agents in an undisclosed place, said lawyer Reynan Augustus Oliva, head of NBI-Bohol field office.
“The possibility of being arrested or executed obviously sent him (Alvaro) a chilling effect,” said Oliva. “His world is getting smaller and he fears for his life everyday.”

From Bohol, the NBI agents brought Alvaro to the NBI Central Visayas office in Cebu late Tuesday afternoon. He was later transported to Manila where NBI director Virgilio Mendez would present him in a news conference on Wednesday.
Alvaro surrendered five days after he was able to escape during the purported shootout between policemen and Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz, who was tagged as the number one drug lord in Central Visayas, in Las Piñas City on June 17.
Also killed was Diaz’ driver, Paul Vincent Igloria.
The police in Cebu identified Alvaro as the right hand man of Diaz.
Oliva said the surrender of Alvaro could lead authorities to a trove of information about the illegal drug operations in the country.
“A lot more information is going to come out about the operations. He will spill the beans on who are behind the illegal drug operations and who are the other drug lords and protectors,” said Oliva.

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