Netizens suggested to make Davao International Airport as the new Main Airport of the Philippines
Because of the Tanim Bala cases in NAIA, netizens urged the politicians to transfer all the international flights in Davao City for safety reasons while NAIA is still under investigation.

According to the Netizens, Davao City International Airport is the most safe place for the OFW’s and tourist to land.
“Many people is already victimised by this Tanim Bala Gang and you can notice that the government cannot solve this little problem, it’s better to transfer all the international flights to Davao International Airport” One of the Netizens who also supported Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s candidacy said to our source.
It may also helps the economy of Davao City and many people will become confident to go to visit and fly to the Philippines because the city is well known as the most safest city in the world.
The politicians said that this suggestion is not easy because many flights will be affected if this implemented. But according to some experts, this is a good suggestion and it can destroy all the syndicates that operating in NAIA.
Source: altervista.org

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