More than 100 suspected drug users and pushers in Agusan del Sur voluntarily surrendered the police on Wednesday in fear of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's promise that criminals will be killed under his administration. In a program, Mayor Jose Cuyos of Rosario town warned that he will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs among his constituents. "Kung hindi kayo huminto niyan kayo na ang nagsabi na mamatay, at bakit? Dahil lumabag kayo sa batas. Gumagamit kayo [ng] droga na kontra yan sa batas hindi dapat na gumamit tayo [niyan] mga kapatid," Cuyos said.

A total of 166 persons attended the program around 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Many were released after being given a warning by the mayor and police officials. The Rosario Police earlier launched its Oplan TokHang or Oplan Toktok Hangyo (Oplan Katok Kumbinse) where policemen visit the houses of suspected pushers of shabu and marijuana identified through their database. Private citizens and barangay officials have also answered a survey identifying the whereabouts of those involved in illegal drugs. P/Insp. Christopher John Viajar of the Rosario Municipal Police Station said they would still validate and monitor the information given to them in the survey before they reveal the suspects' full identities. "Lahat na tinatanong namin with regards sa survey na ito is yung mga stakeholders, businessmen, barangay at local officials ang kinandakan namin ng survey," Viajar said. One of the suspects said they voluntarily surrendered to the police to clear their name and promised never to use illegal drugs again because of fear for their lives once Duterte assumes office. Duterte urged the public during his thanksgiving party in Davao City to join his anti-crime crackdown. He also said he is in favor of citizen arrests for drug dealers and the use of firearms if they resist arrest. —Joseph Tristan Roxas/KBK, GMA News

Source: GMA News

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