The letter was posted by Mr. Larry Henares on his facebook account. 

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Read his letter below:

"I wanted to send this LETTER TO THE EDITOR to the Philippine Daily Inquirer: MVP: “LEAVE BUSINESS ALONE!”
“Leave Business Alone” said Manny Pangilinan, in glaring headlines, “and added “then we will give the people the best service.” After having absorbed competitors Gokongwei’s Sun Cellular and Ramon Ang’s Vega Telecom, Pangilinan’s Smart Communications and Ayala’s Globe Telecom, have now consolidated their Duopoly of telecommunications in this country.
Manny Pangilinan’s glaring headline is of course a cruel joke. Smart Communication and the Globe are not non-profit organizations, they are selfish and greedy business firms with a long history of heartlessly exploiting the Filipino people, exerting influence on the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to allow them to engage in immoral practices that are not allowed elsewhere in the world. ABS-CBN and GMA-7 are just as bad.

At the very outset (1) Smart and Globe attempted to initiate the practice of charging for missed calls on our cell phones, until frustrated by public protest; (2) for a long time, they were able to charge our calls by the minute or a fraction thereof, instead of by the 6-second pulse, as is done elsewhere in the world, until stopped by public outrage;(3) even today, they cheat those who pay in advance by cancelling, after a short time, the unused balance of what was actually already paid for; (4) they charge 12 times the cost at 1/10 the speed of what is charged the netizens of Singapore and Korea, so the Philippines has the HIGHEST COST and the SLOWEST SPEED of Internet in all Asia, except Bangladesh; (5) Smart has been able to get complete monopoly of the Internet Exchange, and prevent Internet Exchange peering as practiced in Hong Kong and Singapore; (6) ABS-CBN is allowed to have complete practical monopoly of our Cable Channels for which they charge an arm and a leg for their services; (7) GMA-7 is allowed to abuse its franchise privileges by broadcasting 30 minutes of advertisements for every hour of broadcast time, almost TWICE the 18 minutes maximum of ads per hour done by other stations.
In the first 100 days of the new administration, let us (1) immediately DIGITALIZE our broadcasting facilities as we have already decided, reassigning frequencies where 4 high definition broadcast facilities can exist instead of one low definition facility; (2) immediately contract the Chinese to supply the broadband digital highway that the Arroyo administration was accused of trying to make money on; (3) immediately institute Internet Exchange Peering as Hong Kong does; and (4) finally take back the 700 MHz spectrum, sell it to Verizon for P6.1 billion and reimburse the Smart-Globe duopoly for the P6.1 billion they spent to acquire it.

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