The oldest son of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has an open letter for PNoy. Paulo "Pulong" Duterte took his official facebook page and posted his latest message for PNoy.

Photo credits: GoodFilipino

Pulong Duterte said to PNoy, "Remember he is an oligarch. He and his kin ran this country like it's theirs at the expense of the marginalized and the poor."

"They ran it like dictators in the shadows of democracy."

"PNoy warns Filipinos of the looming dictatorship of the incoming administration saying that the Philippines does not deserve another strongman to lead the country."

Pulong asked his readers if there's really a dictatorship in Duterte's administration. He told, "YES".

But he explained it and said, "A dictatorship by the people, the ordinary Filipinos. The oppressed. We will seize this country back from the oligarchs, the powerful few. It is time. It is our time.

Source: Good Filipino

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