Supporters of incoming president and Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte are outraged of the news that Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV allegedly offered himself to be a defense adviser of the newly-elected president.

The news broke out online when Trillanes said “I won’t be a hindrance to Duterte’s administration”, and that he is willing to help the new president. An OJT (on the job training) journalist of a major network allegedly overheard Trillanes telling his aid that if Duterte need his help, he can be a defense adviser.

Netizens downplayed Trillanes’ alleged offer, calling the senator a “traitor and balimbing with a dirty military record”.

A week before the elections, Trillanes caused a controversy when he released an alleged record of Duter’s BPI bank records. The incident caused a major stir, but the senator failed to prove the validity of his accusations when he failed to name his source, and BPI denied his record, calling it “fake”.

Supporters are urging the mayor not to trust Trillanes because he is “paid bounty hunter and an attack dog”.

Sen. Trillanes has until 2019 to serve as a senator. /Malou Mangajas/


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