A lot of people claim that they voted for President Duterte because he's one of a kind, he's not like other politicians who'd rather follow the traditional way of being a politician.

Now, we have here five reasons why President Duterte is considered as the most humble President that the Filipinos have ever elected!

5 Reasons Explaining Why President Duterte Is The Most Humble President That We Ever Had!

1. No media fanfare
- The inauguration of the 16th president was simple yet very meaningful. The media wasn't able to create lots of stories about the inauguration for they were prevented to cover inside the Palace. 

President Duterte is one of a kind because he doesn't want the media to cover whatever he's doing as a politician. What's more interesting is that he never want to inconvenience anyone in his inauguration that's why his inaugural day was a regular working day.

2. Filipino foods and Davao staples
- The highlight of President Digong's inauguration was actually the menu because Duterte personally requested to have a set of simple food and beverages. 

The menu includes monggo guisado, lumpia, pandesal with kesong puti and of course beef longganisa. While the desserts include Davao's durian tartlets and Duterte's favorite which is maruya.
3. Bus as service for the guests
- Before the inauguration, the guests have arrived not directly in Malacanang Palace but rather in PICC. There, they waited for the bus that will take them directly to the palace. 

The new administration used this as a strategy to minimize the disruption of traffic in Manila.

4. Mindanao-based designers
- Unlike the former president Benigno Aquino, President Duterte didn't ask Paul Cabral to design a suit for him, instead, Duterte chose to dress simply in his oath taking. 

He asked help from Mindanao-based fashion designer Boni Adaza. The ecru-colored barong that he wore was made from synthetic fiber or  piña jusi.

5. He shows his love for his country and his countrymen all the time! 
- He keeps on saying that the one that inspired him to run for presidency wasn't his will but rather his love for his country and for the Filipinos.
Source: Kami

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