A drug trafficker nicknamed ‘Mark’ admits that he gets his drug supply from drug leaders at the New Bilibid Prison and so-called ‘ninja cops’. These ‘ninja cops’ make money from selling illegal drugs that were confiscated during police operations.

He also admitted to having ties with one of the five police officials named by Duterte. These policemen were acting upon the instructions of the corrupt police general, he said.

“Bawat plastic ng yelo, 100 gramo. Pagbagsak po nun, bibitawan ko na lahat po yun para hindi ako sumabit. Likom ng likom lang po ako ng pera,” he added.

Mark also remembered delivering money to Camp Crame, Quezon City, where the police official’s office is located.

He asserted his intention to cooperate with the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the administration as long as he gets to be protected by the government. | ASCS - FNPH


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