Dwin Ymsom has already spent five years in prison for robbery and has another 10 years to go. Although he is incarcerated, he openly sells cookies and peanuts to children at a swimming pool. Nearby, a few hundred prisoners armed with sharp-edged sickles cut grass.
He confess that leila delima is a drug protector for the so many years. just look at the video clip below. Tama ang sinabi ni SOLGEN CALIDA – 6 na taon kang namuno sa DOJ, may kapangyarihan kang sugpuin ang DROGA noong panahon mo pero HINDI MO GINAWA.

At sa katunayan lalong lumala ang kalakaran ng droga noong panahon mo. YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF CHANGE! You should RESIGN!! Sa totoo lang ni hindi nga namin alam kung paano ka nanalo bilang senador. Tama nga ang sabi ng isang kaibigan kong DDS – it’s 16 Million vs DE LIMA!

Source: Du30news.com

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