Road rage shooter in Quiapo was captured by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Masbate after a three-day nationwide manhunt.

Vhon Tanto, the driver of the red Hyundai Eon who shot a cyclist multiple times in P. Casal Street, Quiapo, was apprehended by the police in Masbate, as reported by GMA.

The shooting was caught on CCTV and the footage went viral after Top Gear Philippines posted it on their page.

Vhon Tanto reportedly took the bus to Nueva Vizcaya the next day after the shooting incident, but a recent investigation found that Tanto drove there with his Hyundai Eon, bearing conduction sticker number MO 3745, and left the vehicle in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.

He is wanted ‘dead or alive’ according to the Manila Police District.

According to the policemen. Tanto was armed and dangerous since he owns 3 firearms.

Based on the reports, Tanto will be turned over to the Manila Police District where his case will be investigated.

He will be facing serious charges of murder and other charges coming from the side of the young girl who was victimized by the stray bullet.

Source: TNP, GMANews

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