China had spoken in regards to the almost never-ending dispute between their country and the Philippines over the South Sea.

The International Tribunal have released a ruling a few days ago in favor of the Philippines. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson of China- Lu Kang have released a statement saying they are willing to settle the issue with the Philippines through bilateral talks.

"China welcomes that President Duterte is willing to send special envoy to China to start talks. China has always been sticking to the way of properly handling relevant issues between China and the Philippines through bilateral talks, and we have never closed the door of dialogue with the Philippines. As long as the two countries adhere to the way of appropriately handling differences through dialogue and consultation, I believe a prospect of bright future for bilateral relations will open up."

"We have expressed our position on the arbitration case many times. We will never accept any claim or action based on the award. We hope that both sides can go back to consensuses reached before, appropriately deal with relevant issues through dialogue and consultation, and make joint efforts for improvement and development of bilateral relations." 

Both China and the Philippine governments are hoping to settle the issue through peaceful means, war is not necessary and whoever wins, both country will face great losses.

Duterte has also released a statement a few days back at San Juan Club Filipino. He wanted to send former President Fidel Ramos to initiate the bilateral talks with China however the latter respectfully declined saying his age hinders him to do so. He is currently 88 years old.

"You know, there are a lot of complications there. Because now that the tribunal has ruled, 'yung arbitral decision says that, and if China would insist on a space domain, that you have to identify yourself before you can cross that vast sea there. America will not like it." Duterte said 

"War? It is not an option. So what is the other side? Peaceful talks. I cannot give you the wherewithals now,"

China Is Willing To Settle With PH Through Possible Bilateral Talks With Ramos. Read Full Story Here!
Source: ABS-CBN, TNP

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