After the Chinese Woman Zhou Liming got emotional after being arrested for carrying P6-Million worth of Shabu, she topped the headlines of many news media from tv to newspaper. 
This compelled the Chinese to react regarding the news. Fortunately, China emphasized its support with the Philippines' new administration in its anti-drug campaign. In a statement by embassy spokesperson Li Lingxiao, he said:
China Reacts After A Chinese Woman Was Arrested In Cebu For Carrying P6M Worth Of Shabu!
"Illicit drugs are common enemy of the mankind. Fighting against all drug-related crimes is shared responsibility of all countries in the world," 
He said that Beijing is trying to have the same stance against these illegal drugs in no consideration for nationalities as well. 

He also added that they are willing to lay out plans to help the Philippines in their campaign against drugs and said: 

"President Rodrigo Duterte has taken it as a top priority in cracking down drug-related crimes. China has expressed explicitly to the new administration China's willingness for effective cooperation in this regard, and would like to work out a specific plan of action with the Philippine side,"
China Reacts After A Chinese Woman Was Arrested In Cebu For Carrying P6M Worth Of Shabu!

Meanwhile, Liming is still detained after her arrest at the Mactan-Cebu international Airport. Early July, the PNP has also arrested 4 chinese nationals in a "floating" shabu laboratoty in Subic, Zambales. 

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