According to Philstar, Senator de Lima is defending the Former President Benigno Aquino III who is being accused for criminal wrongdoing within the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and about MAMASAPANO where 44 members of PNP (SAF 44) Special Action Force were massacre.

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Former Justice Secretary De Lima said that she is saddened because of this issue. She also said that the families of the slain SAF members are being used against Aquino.

“It would’ve been okay if there was any basis or if the motives were legitimate,” she said.

She also mentioned that Aquino explain a lot of times that he is not aware of the real or exact situation when SAF 44 and MILF clash.

“If the real situation on the ground was given then, the president would have given the proper orders. But it was not,” she added.

De Lima said to focus on filing criminal cases to those who killed the SAF 44 instead of going after Aquino.

Regarding the DAP, De Lima said that using the national budget was for the economy and there is no basis  to charge Aquino and former budget secretary Florencio Abad because they execute the program in good faith.

“The Supreme Court has clarified that good faith is presumed. I can assure you that when the program was envisioned, the administration was in good faith, the president was in good faith, secretary Abad was in good faith,” De Lima said.
“No evidence has been presented showing that the in the course of the implementation of the program, that someone made money from this,” she added.
De Lima is confident that Aquino and his allies would be able to justify their roles on the two issues and come up with good, valid defenses.

Source: Philstar

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