Bleeding Hearts as what President Rodrigo Duterte would like to call it; He recently rants about these 'bleeding hearts' of mothers and everybody else's tirade and cries about family members doing crimes justifying it with their poverty.

"Being poor is not an excuse. Huwag mong damayan ang Republika ng Pilipinas just because mahirap ka, puro dito mga bleeding heartshuman rights, mga mahihirap." He said exasperated "Madali mag-atake, sabihin na namatay dahil mahirap lang. Is that an excuse? You want to fool the whole world dahil mahirap lang, kalokohan yan. The world will never stop to turn because you are poor, that is not an excuse to destroy society."

His administration had been recently receiving criticisms for its anti-crime campaign saying that the sector of the lower-class Filipinos are receiving most of the attention. And that these people are justifying their means to be able to provide food for the families and the likes.

"Pag andyan na yung kati ng katawan mo sa shabu, mangholdap ka, magnakaw ka, patayin mo pa, pag nabangag ka, patayin mo tatay mo, mang rape ka. Human rights? Eh yung mga yan?" He further on ranted

He said that no one's lack of education or finance would ever excuse our lack of discipline in disregarding even the most basic rules and laws in the society. 

Source: TNP , Politics

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