President Rordrigo Duterte abhors jueteng as much as he hates illegal drugs.
But he said that he has to focus his resources first on drug lords before going after gambling lords because he can’t take on two enemies at the same time.
“I’m not taking on gambling now because it will take us off our focus. We can’t add more because we will stretch our resources, warm bodies,” said Duterte in speech during a reunion with his San Beda classmates in Malacanang on 17 June 2016..
Duterte’s fear was that if he struck against gambling lords now, it would leave a void in their distribution network that drug lords would only take over.
“Gambling has to stop, but in the meantime,I am focused on the drug menace. Why? Because kapag ka tinanggal mo ‘yan, there is that apparatus of gambling. Iyong mga kumukolekta ng pusta and suddenly mabakante ‘yan, everybody stops. Pakialaman na ‘yan ng droga. See? Doesn’t mean to say that I like jueteng.,” said Duterte.
Duterte said that by going after drug lords, there was a risk that these criminal elements would go back to kidnap-for-ransom and other illegal activities. That’s why he is tackling illegal activities one by one.
Duterte has yet to appoint his man at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office which runs a small town lottery business that was supposed to displace jueteng and other illegal numbers game. But as it turned out, the STL has been allegedly co-opted by jueteng lords themselves.

Source: Politics

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