GMA News reported Raffy Tima on July 1, blames the convoy of President Rodrigo Duterte for causing heaving traffic on the southbound of EDSA.

Photo credits: trendinghub247.blogspot.com

Morning of that day Duterte is in Camp Crame in Ortigas to attend the turnover ceremony within the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“EDSA Northbound at 9:35AM. Change has come? Not really. Traffic got held up for the presidential convoy from Ortigas en route to Camp Crame.” Tima said in the facebook post.

Tima has criticized Duterte before for “catcalling/whistling” her wife Mariz Umali a fellow journalist in the same network during a press con in Davao City.

Dutete has denied the allegations and since then no press con was allowed to any commercial media.


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