Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has filed a bill to increase the salary of the Philippine National Police (PNP) staff and officers.
This is one of the promise Cayetano and his running-mate President Duterte during the May 9, 2016 polls.
“It is not enough that we punish and remove corrupt cops from the service. Without just compensation, crime and corruption will only seduce what is left of the government’s honest, yet, impoverished police personnel,” Cayetano said in a statement.
According to a Manila Bulletin report the bills is known as the “Philippine National Police Compensation Act of 2016”, Cayetano said his bill aims to increase the minimum salary and allowances of PNP personnel, enabling even the lowest ranking police officer to receive a gross minimum pay of P50,530 per month, inclusive of benefits and allowances.
In the explanatory note of his bill, which has yet to be numbered by the Senate legislative bills and index office, the senator noted that an entry level police officer (PO1) only receives a basic salary of P14,834 and such amount is way below the monthly living wage of P27,510 for a family of five, based on the study of the National Wages and Productivity Commission.
“This bill seeks to double the current base pay of the lowest ranking police from P14,834 to P26,668 and increase its monthly allowances and other benefits from P7,862 to P20, 862. Upon the passage of this Act, the minimum monthly gross pay of PO1 will amount to P50,530,” he said in the bill.
The passage of the bill will definitely help Duterte in his fight to reduce drugs and criminality in the country.

Source: Trendtitan

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