President Rodrigo promised an increase in the salary of the soldiers starting this August. In line with that, he vows to increase teacher's salaries next.

Last Thursday, during the briefing at Camp Guillermo Nakar in Lucena city, Duterte reveals plans of giving higher pay for teachers next.

"Ito, itong increase of salaries, ang sunod ko mga teachers," he said.

However, the plans as to how the pay hike will be implemented in regards to the allocation of the budget was not discussed. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Secretary Benjamin Diokno sent a message to the GMA News that the announcement will be made when ready.

The presidential spokesperson also admitted that he knew none of how the President plans to implement to increase pay of the soldiers.

"I don't have the details for the first tranche. Although he did give the assurance that it will be fulfilled. Kaya lang talaga, this year is still the budget of last year so he cannot really impose upon it. But he did say that there will be incremental increase and I believe by next month."

We all know that the President have lived a life of simplicity and that he refrains himself from the grandiose and luxurious life that he believed was unnecessary, but he also knew and understood the struggles of his citizens in terms of finances.

"I’ve been with government for so long. Ordinaryong tao lang ako 'no. 'Di masyadong... casual, casual lang tayo. Anak  lang ako ng mahirap eh. So I know how it is to rise from the ranks."

Duterte Understands The Struggle of Teachers, He Promises Pay Hike! Amazing News!
Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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