If you feel like justice have been served onve the judges in the courts have declared guilty on big-time criminals, you might want to look their 'bilibid' cells. 

In a surprise visit of former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima in New Bilibid Prison with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI),Philippine National Police (PNP), and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), they were rather more surprised. 

Various luxurious items were found inside along with shabu, storage area, P1.4 million cash peacefully resting in the cell, some high-end appliances, secret pathways, and even a sauna provision inside one cell. The cell is occupied by a convicted drug lord, Peter Co. These led the authorities to the conclusion that Co's illegal transactions are still ongoing.

Proposed: LOOK: Hotel-Like Rooms in Bilibid Owned by High-Profile Inmates.

Meanwhile, Herbert Colangco, convicted head of robbery group, have also been living in luxury as cash, music equipment, eight luxury watches and Hermes and Prada bags and Louis Vuitton wallets are found inside their cell. 

Jojo Baligdad, a dismissed US Army serviceman has a hot tub and a sex doll inside her cell.

Moreover, 2 of the 12 inmates were positive for drug use. 

De Lima was purely disgusted and said "Such a situatiation is really unacceptable and untenable for me. I'm compeletely disgusted."

But on the other hand, these luxurios bilibid cells would have been normal in Norway as their Halden Prison is hailed as the "world's most humane prison" which was designed to simulate life outside prison to introduce inmates to freedom. It has x-box and flat screen TV, mini-fridges and en-suite bathrooms; not to mentioned the highly architectures room and kitchen which were allotted for 10-12 inmates. 
Source: TNP RachFeed

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