The Philippines’ war on drug under the new administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has caught the attention of international groups, non-government organizations, and business sectors.

For Human Rights groups, the result seems unwelcoming, but for business people and investors, Duterte’s War on Drugs receives acclaim.
The current “Drug Battle” in the Philippines affects not only the Filipinos, but also other countries, especially China.

According to an article published by the Singapore Post, a research study conducted by Business Insider reveals that China is losing more than 700,000 drug-related gobs.

The article says more than 180,000 Chinese families are living off drug money, and around 700,000 individuals are working or involved in Chinese drug industry. The Philippines is one of their main customers according to the report.
“With Duterte’s vow to eliminate all drug-related people in no more than six months, more than half a million people in China could lose source of income”, the report said.

The report further noted that since 2008, illegal drugs in the Philippines had a steady increase by more than 300% a year with 89.9% coming from China through Hong Kong or Taiwan.

The report likened these Chinese workers to factory workers – being employed in drug-related factories.

“With the Philippine’s successful campaign against drug, China expected to support more than half a million hungry people in the coming months”, Business Insider said.
Although the date was provided by a Singaporean-based think tank, the figure could be much bigger according to Singaporean analyst David Chang.

“I believe there are close to 3 million Chinese individuals who are involved in manufacturing and distributing drugs, and more than half of these people are focusing in the Philippines. Two million people who lost their job could be a massive blow to Beijing and China’s economy”, Chan said. /Ruby Gonzales/
Source:  PinoyHotIssues.com, Du30news.com

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