Leila De Lima is an idiot. If you had doubts before, then her most recent pronouncements against President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on illegal drugs and criminality should make it abundantly clear that this woman is a truly a certified idiot.

After a six year track record as The Justice Secretary who alowed drug lords to rule over the New Bilibid Prison. Six years of incompetence while these convicted criminals continued to ply their trade, unimpeded, unstopped, and unafraid – now she has the nerve to tell the President that she is watching him.

This tail-ender senator who barely even made it to the list. And whose win as is doubtful as that fake i-have-no-idea-what accent of hers, De Lima trying to score points against Duterte by doing what she does best – protecting the criminals.

Why is De Lima, or for that matter the rest of the senate, wasting their time – and the people’s money – pursuing agendas that are not in the people’s best interest. The fact that Duterte won by an overwhelming margin means clearly that Filipinos are behind him and his anti-crime campaign.

Is De Lima simply dumb, blind, deaf, or stupid? From the looks of it, evidence points to her being the sum total of all these qualities. And while we cannot stop her from making an idiot of herself everytime she opens her mouth, and the media hacks from trumpeting her words as if they were wisdom pouring down from the heavens – we can at least console ourselves with the fact that the more she talks, the less relevant she becomes.

I wonder what fellow senator Joel Villanueva feels about all this grandstanding being done by De Lima. If memory serves me right, he too was a victim of De Lima’s ambition. Will Villanueva continue to remain silent, or will he finally spill the beans on this wanna-be heroine?

Leila De Lima has been so used to riding the coat-tails of her betters that she thinks she is actually a big deal. And while she has been able to take her drug-protecting ways to the senate, she should be careful because the people are watching, and they will not allow idiots like her to make a mockery of the justice system and the will of the people.


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