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Pacquiao believed that hanging is more "humane" not only for the death convict but also for the medical personnel who have to assist in carrying out the death sentence despite their personal beliefs and convictions.

"Para sa akin bitay, hanging. May batas din ang mga duktor na bawal silang pumatay ng tao," Pacquiao told reporters on Monday afternoon when asked what he favors.

He said it may be considered as barbaric or cruel but it should be implemented if it is enacted into law.

"Pag iko-cover mo yan nakakaawa talaga pero alam naman nila na ang batas natin ay batas. Hindi naman individually yan e, kahit na kaming nasa katungkulan, mga nasa serbisyo, kahit na presidente pag gumawa ng masama e [dapat parusahan]," he said.

The specific way of imposing death penalty was not mentioned in the bill Pacquiao will file saying it still depend on what the lawmakers will agree on.

"Wala pa yan pero pag-uusapan naman yan pag naipasa na," he said, adding that the death penalty should imposed on heinous crimes such as rape with murder, drug trafficking, kidnap for ransom, and robbery with murder.

The death penalty was abolished during the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2006.


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