Retired Police General Vicente “Vic” Loot, currently the Mayor in Daanbantayan town in Northern Cebu was one of the five pinpointed names of President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte during his speech in the 69th Philippine Air Force anniversary.
In a report Loot denied his dealing towards illegal drug trade and said that ever since he was been a victim of black propaganda.
“To the Cebuanos, I would like to seek for your understanding. I know you are aware that I have been a victim of black propaganda ever since and that propaganda has always been about drugs,” he said.
He said that his wife has served being on the mayoralty for several years and that some political rival have been trying to pull his family down.
Loot also said that he seek the help of Cebu Representative Benhur Salimbangon to help him clear his name and will reach out to President Duterte to present all the necessary documents that will clear him of any involvement against the illegal drugs trade issue.
“I want to present the documents to the President even if he instantly shoots me” Loot said.
Cebu Board Member Sun Shimura, known to be Loot’s stepson said he was shocked when he heard about the news.
Shimura said even his father sent their relative to jail for involving into drug trade.
“This is an old issue and I have asked my father to come out and clear his name,” Shimura stated.

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