President Rodrigo Duterte revealed the 3 drug lords being protected by General Marcelo Garbo, Jr, we research their background and we can say that they’re a hefty bunch, one you may know already.
Let’s go and meet them.

Peter “Wu Tuan” Co - Wu Tuan is the leader of the Triad drug syndicate operating in Luzon and NCR, one of the largest drug syndicate in the Philippines. According to the intelligence report he is still operating inside the Bilibid prison and he is the current leader of the “Bilibid 19” gang.
Peter “Jaguar” Lim - Lim, who is outside the Philippines, has been warned about stepping foot in the Philippines. “The moment he lands in NAIA, he will die, he will die. The moment he steps out of the plane, he will die. How? Di na bale, basta wag na syang pumunta dito,” said Duterte.
The New Bilibid Prison’s very own “concert king”, he is know to have transform his ‘kubol’ into a complete recording studio that would make any artist jealous. Authorities found huge speakers, a flat screen TV, a keyboard and a drum set. He was even allowed to go out of prison to attend a concert, VIP seats? No doubt. Thank you General Garbo.

Links to Garbo All of them links to retired General Garbo, the President presented a chart here:
We can’t help but notice the common denominator of the 3 drug lords aside from the good general, all of them has links to China.

“This would show to you how corrosive or how broad the dimension of our problems regarding drugs,” he said in comments aired over PTV 4 last night.

Lim, Co, and Colangco supposedly get their supply from China and are all Level 5, or top tier drug lords, meaning they supply the largest number of drugs per shipment, according to Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Co and Colangco are both detained in NBP in Muntinlupa City.
Source: trendtitan.com

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