"AVP for the Community Relation and services Department. To the President , Chairman Andrea Andrea Domingo and the Filipino people hindi kayo magsisisi. My wholehearted appreciation for the trust you have given me." 

Arnell Ignacio confirms that he is officially appointed by President Duterte himself as the AVP of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

"Pagcor isn't all about gaming. As the AVP of the Community Relation and Services Department of Pagcor we will be taking massively funded steps to improve health services, comprehensive feeding programs , completion of school buildings etc. No area will be too far from our helping hand." He explained.

This news have currently riled up netizens, garnering different feedbacks from people. A lot of netizens had been questioning the hosts credibility and capacity to handle the said position, other netizens have come to his defense saying that Ignacio is more than just a comedian and that if the President himself appointed him then we should put our trust in him and hope for the best.

Duterte Introduced Arnell Ignacio As AVP of PAGCOR. Must Read!
Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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