As Duterte continues to mercilessly cease the drug trades here in the country, his life and security have been in constant threat since he assumed office. Drug lords wants him killed and even offering billions just to have him dead. 

After publicly announcing the five generals who are allegedly part of the illegal trades or have been protecting them, he revealed the elaborate of drug traders organization last Thursday on national television which surprisingly included some police generals and even convicted drug inmates. 

But the 71-year-old President announced that he is not afraid and is leaving his fate to God. Quoting from his statement, he said "I'm confident that God will decide everything. If God does not want me to die, I will not die. But if God wants me out of the scene, I will be gone. So, ba-bye na lang,"

Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa, earlier confirmed the P1Billion bounty for Duterte and himself that has been put up by the druglords inside the New Bilibid Prison alone. 

Duterte, acknowledging the threat, still says ""You don’t have to worry, you have your Vice President. Kaya nga tayo may Vice President e. E, ‘di there is always the rule of succession,"

He also said that he already feels secure with his military and police companions as he trusts them. But he assured everyone that everything will be in order if fate will not favor him saying "The Armed Forces will not take it sitting down. The Philippine National Police, even if I'm gone, they will not allow these animals to have their day.And Leni Robredo, if she becomes the President will also be harsh kasi you are talking about the welfare of the country."

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