It seems that the disputes about land in Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac just went to a new high. Bernardina L. Bais, a 66 years old farmer cries her heart out after she found out that her crops were killed by a chemical that kills weeds and other green plants.
According to the Facebook post “her palay crops sprayed with non selective herbicide, gramoxole, that kills weeds but also includes all other green plants.” and continued with “These were sprayed by paid personnel of the Cojuangco-Aquino.”
“This is not a farmer vs. farmer dispute. This is an orchestrated chaos architecturally designed by the Cojuangco-Aquino to hide their involvement. But which administration implemented the divisive tambiolo distribution-a distribution that paved the way for farmers towards selling or renting out their stake on lands they were allocated that are too far from their residential homes. Why does Dina Catalan continues to plant in their decades long planting ground when they themselves have lot allotments in brgy. Motrico? But Motrico is 8 km away, located in the municipality of La Paz while they had been living their lives in Tarlac City. And why does the farmers of brgy. Texas thrown from their own planting grounds 3 km away to the neighboring Brgy. Mapalacsiao? Because their own planting grounds, hundreds of hectares of fertile and agricultural in nature and in use, were illegally converted and made exempted from land distribution.” said the in Facebook post.
Bais claims that the people went inside her home and destroyed it when she and her husband was not home, she also said the she loaned P1,000 to plant Sweet Potatoes “Kamote” and that will balloon to P1,500 because it came from a “five-six”.
Bais also claims that this is the fourth time her crops got killed intentionally.

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