We overheard that the alleged tanim bala modus in NAIA is now something that is a thing in the past. According to the chief of Avsegroup," Travellers would not be detained or charged in court if an ammunition is confiscated from them", as per Duterte's order.

Travellers  caught with live ammunition will be allowed to board their flight. They  would not be detained or charged in court if caught with a live bullet instead they will undergo profiling. This is to clear them to links in any criminal group or intent to carry a bullet.

"Laglag bala modus operandi is a thing of the past and we assure that the public that they no longer worry that they will miss their flight or get arrested at our airport for possession of ammunition he said" Senior Superintendent Mao Aplasca. 

You can watch the video on this link. Now that our President is Rodrigo Duterte our country will improve. Thank you Mr President, travellers now will have peace of mind.

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