The suspect in the Quiapo road rage has finally been arrested by the authorities! 

The Manila Police District has presented the Quiapo Road Rage suspect Vhon Martin Tanto to the PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa.

It was reported that the suspect was arrested on Friday, July 29, 2016.

After the Manila Police District presented the suspect to PNP Chief Bato, he said that he'll be teaching him boxing.

But what he first noticed was the scar in Tanto's eyes, he asked him what happened to it and the suspect said that it was the result of getting a punch from the cyclist.

"Si Mr. Tanto, tuturuan ko ito ng boxing, kung paano sumuntok ng maganda dahil kaya uminit ang ulo niya dahil natalo siya ng suntukan eh." PNP Chief Bato said

He also told everyone that he'll teach the suspect how to properly release and handle anger.

The people then praised the authorities for the quick action towards the Quiapo Road Rage Case.

"The arrest also proves that we do not condone any wrongdoing committed by any member of our organization," said Army spokesperson Col. Benjamin Hao

"We do not tolerate any scalawags, and we make sure that those who committed a crime shall be dealt with accordingly," he added

They also said that the man was arrested in peace by the members of hte Philippine Army.

Source: TNP, Facebook

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