President Rodrigo Duterte called for a review of the effects of rolling out the Paris agreement on climate change in the country.

He called the Paris agreement that will limit carbon emissions in the Philippines as “nonsense” and “crazy.” He argued the Philippines is the least emitters of greenhouse gases (3 tons of CO2e compared to, for example, United States with 22.9 or Australia with 25.9), so why would developing countries limit the Philippines’ use?

"Kayo dumating na kayo doon (industrialized country status) at our expense. Kayo yung unang nagbuga buga, nandyan ang carbon footprints ninyo. Kami dito papunta pa lang sa naabot na ninyo," Duterte said.

Duterte added he plans to work with China and build “industrial zones everywhere.”

"Give me a clear view of what will happen to the treaty if we decide or the Senate would agree with it, magbibigay sila ng concurrence nila then bigyan n'yo ako ng clear view kung ano mangyari kasi ang plano ko maglagay ng industrial zones everywhere and then the easy market locators would be China. China ang may pera," Duterte said.

"We are planning to establish economic zones pati farm-to-market roads, alam mo yang mga yon. Iyong chillers na hindi malata (mabulok) 'yung mga produkto ninyo," he added.

Senator Leila De Lima and and Lucille Sering, former vice chair of Philippines’ Climate Change commission, begged Duterte to reconsider his stance against Paris agreement.

Sering said the Philippines agreed to the pact in Paris on the condition that “sufficient international resources, technology, and training being made available to the country.”

Pres Duterte Calls U.N. Paris Agreement ‘Nonsense’ and Plans To Build ‘Industrial Zones Everywhere’
Source: TNPGMA

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