Mayor Beng Climaco of Zamboanga city campaigned for former DILG secretary Mar Roxas during the last election. She had not only showed public support but she has also allegedly sabotaged the campaign of the current President, Rodrigo Duterte through not releasing permit and electricity.

Now that the former Davao city mayor have grabbed the highest rank, who would have thought that he would still show so much respect for the Zamboanga city mayor by bowing and kissing her hand?

This had stunned almost everybody. Yet this act had also showed how our current President would stoop low in order to show humility and take the high road by forgiving the mayor.

Despite the tough facade our President exudes in front of society menaces, no one can ever deny that he had been a great exemplar of humility and simplicity.

President Duterte Kisses Hand Of A Mayor Who Campaigned Against Him. Find Out What Happened Next!

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